Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.1b1 Update

Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.1b1 introduces new features and improvements aimed at making voice synthesis even more flexible and intuitive. The update includes:

  • Integration of Vocal Mode into the Parameter Panel for dynamic modulation of voice timbre (Pro edition required).
  • Improved neural vocoder for male vocals, resulting in enhanced sound quality in the bass range.
  • Updates to the available masculine AI voice databases to fully utilize the new capabilities of the neural vocoder.


Make sure to update both the Synthesizer V Studio editor and the voice database to the latest version to access these new features.

Integration of Vocal Mode into the Parameter Panel

We are pleased to announce the integration of Vocal Modes into the Parameter Panel in Synthesizer V Studio Pro version 1.8.1. First introduced in the 1.6.0 update, Vocal Modes allow users to adjust the voice timbre to match the mood and genre of their songs. We have since then updated the lineup of AI voice databases to include an expanding set of Vocal Modes.


With the integration of Vocal Modes into the Parameter Panel, users can now dynamically modulate the effect of each Vocal Mode. This provides greater control over the vocal performance, allowing users to emulate the gradual shift of emotions throughout a song. The integration follows the automation feature found in many DAW software, giving producers familiar and intuitive control over their vocal production.




Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.1 introduces a redesign of the Parameter Panel with the parameters, including Vocal Modes shown in absolute values. The new design displays the global value set in the Voice Panel as a base level, with the ability for users to set parameters as offsets. This change enhances the connection and consistency between the Voice Panel and Parameter Panel, offering a more intuitive experience. The upgrade is fully compatible with existing projects and requires no action on the part of the user.




Improved Neural Vocoder for Male Vocals

Synthesizer V Studio version 1.8.1 features algorithmic improvements to the neural vocoder, a key component of the AI synthesis process. This results in enhanced sound quality in the lower vocal range of male vocals, with reduced noise and a more stable timbre. Producers can now reach deeper in with their works without worrying about quality loss.


Comparing the results from the previous (up) and new version (bottom) of Kevin on a few descending notes down to G2. The update reduces the noise present in the 0 – 1 kHz range.


Voice Database Updates

Along with the algorithmic improvements to the neural vocoder, Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.1 also comes with updates to the available masculine voice databases. To fully utilize the new capabilities, make sure to update both the Synthesizer V Studio editor and the voice database to the latest version. The updated voice databases are listed in the following table.


Dreamtonics An Xiao, Kevin, Mo Chen, Ryo AI, Xuan Yu, Yuma
Eclipsed Sounds ASTERIAN


You can download the installers from our download page.

Note: The beta version is no longer available due to the release of the final update.

Get Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.1b1

1.8.1b1 is a beta version. Beta releases of Synthesizer V Studio are offered before the final release for early preview of new features. Before installing and using a beta version, please understand that:

  • The beta version is still a work in progress.
  • The beta version may not function properly as described.
  • Unexpected behaviors may happen while using the beta version.

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Synthesizer V Studio Pro

Synthesizer V Studio Basic



See below for detailed release notes.

Synthesizer V Studio 1.8.1b1 (Feb 6, 2023)

New Features

  • Parameter Panel: Vocal Mode parameters are now available in Parameter Panel, making possible continuous changes and varying degrees of mixing across Vocal Modes (only for Pro edition).


  • Synthesizer V Engine: improved the neural vocoder for Synthesizer V AI voices to reduce the synthesis artifacts at low pitches (only applicable for masculine voices; voice update needed).
  • License and Updates Panel: retain the update availability status after downloading and installing a voice update.

Behavior Changes

  • Parameter Panel: Loudness, Tension, Breathiness, Gender and Tone Shift parameters are now displayed as absolute values after adding in the track/group-level values from Voice Panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-Process: fixed crashes when executing Auto Pitch Tuning on Saki standard on Apple Silicon devices.
  • Live Render: fixed a bug where some parts of a project do not rerender when switching voices.
  • Piano Roll: fixed a bug where switching tracks in Direct Pitch Editing mode resets the pencil tool.
  • MIDI: fixed multiple issues causing crashes when loading an improperly formatted MIDI file (e.g. files with zero BPM or invalid encoding).
  • GUI: fixed a display order issue where the error message of script loading failure blocks the activation dialog.
  • GUI: fixed broken support for Return/Esc keys in various dialogs.
  • GUI: improved the support for Japanese/Chinese input methods on macOS.
  • GUI: fixed UI rendering issues when using OpenGL on macOS.
  • File: fixed a bug during exporting, where part of the filename is misidentified as a file extension when the filename contains dots. (Issue not fully fixed in 1.8.0)