Synthesizer V Studio 1.7.1 Final Update

Dreamtonics releases the final update for Synthesizer V Studio 1.7.1.


The main change from 1.7.0 involves a version selector under Voice panel that allows switching between multiple installed versions of a voice database. For details on this feature, you may refer to our beta release notes.


1.7.1 also brings numerous bug fixes and significant improvement in the software’s stability. The final release further fixed a few issues reported by our users during the beta release phase, in particular performance degradations when using a voice database without specifying its version.


You may view the full release notes below.

Synthesizer V Studio 1.7.1 (Sep 30, 2022)

New Features

Voice Database: support for keeping multiple versions of a voice database; add a version selector to Voice panel.


Misc: launch the voice installer in an existing instance of Synthesizer V Studio (if found).


Behavior changes

Voice Panel: use the database’s default language when language detection fails and when the track/group’s language hasn’t been set.

Misc: A telemetry function for software improvement has been added. In the initial startup and configuration panel, users can enable or disable this function.


Bug Fixes

AI Retakes: fixed crashes when repeatedly performing pitch retakes.

AI Retakes: fixed a bug where the displayed position of notes changes when changing retakes on a note group.

Synthesizer V Engine: fixed crashes when loading AI voice databases prior to 3rd generation Synthesizer V AI on Apple Silicon.

Synthesizer V Engine: Fixed a crash in some previous versions of the AI voice database when the engine sample rate was set to 96000 Hz. (Update from 1.7.1b1)

Live Render: fixed freezes during playback.

Live Render: fixed random crashes when rendering with a newly loaded voice on x86/x64 platforms.

File: fixed broken double-click file associations on macOS.

File: Fixed an issue that the convert dialog did not appear when a mp3 file is dropped. (Update from 1.7.1b1)

Voice Panel: fixed incorrectly displayed voice database information when the project is loaded on startup.

Piano Roll: fixed keyboard focus order when editing phonemes.

Parameter Panel: Fixed parameter rendering delay when voice database version is not specified. (Update from 1.7.1b1)

Parameter Panel: Fixed an issue that control points are displayed when switching tracks. (Update from 1.7.1b1) 

Misc: Fixed a problem that increased memory usage when the version was not specified. (Update from 1.7.1b1) 

Misc: Fixed display order conflicts between auto recovery alert window and voice installer window.

Misc: fixed a bug that settings are not saved when exiting with Command + Q on macOS.

Misc: fixed a bug that caused a crash at startup if the sound device is not found.