Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b2 Update

Dreamtonics releases Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b2 update.


This update brings iterative improvements upon the previous 1.11.0b1 release, which introduced deep ARA integration and Voice-to-MIDI conversion features. In the second beta version, we have expanded full ARA support to Cakewalk and the recently released ABILITY 5. Additionally, the Voice-to-MIDI conversion model has been upgraded for enhanced speed and accuracy.


Version 1.11.0b2 also significantly improves the stability of both ARA and non-ARA plugins. This includes fixes for issues related to playback synchronization, bouncing and device/host compatibility.


In addition to these improvements in Synthesizer V Studio, we are also releasing beta updates for voice databases. These updates feature more native-like pronunciation for Spanish in cross-lingual synthesis and expand Spanish support to additional voice databases.


Please note: Version 1.11.0b2 and the Spanish updates for voice databases are in beta. They require manual download and installation. For links and instructions, please refer to the bottom of this page.


Deep ARA2 Integration for Cakewalk and ABILITY


In addition to Cubase, Studio One and REAPER, Synthesizer V Studio ARA Plugin now also fully supports Cakewalk and ABILITY. This expands the integration to include note group synchronization and integrated Voice-to-MIDI features, building upon the existing ARA Bridge.



Deep ARA Integration ARA Bridge VST/AU Instrument
Studio One 5/6 Yes Yes Yes
Cubase 12/13 Yes Yes Yes
REAPER 6/7 Yes Yes Yes
Cakewalk Yes Yes Yes
ABILITY 5 Yes Yes Yes
Logic Pro (Rosetta/x86) No Yes Yes
Logic Pro (Apple Silicon) No No Yes


We have introduced experimental changes to the piano roll’s UI/UX in both the plugin and standalone versions. These changes provide stronger visual hints, especially in indicating whether work is being done inside a note group. It is important to note that these design elements are not final and may be subject to adjustments in future versions.


Voice-to-MIDI Model Upgrade


Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.11.0b2 now comes with an upgraded Voice-to-MIDI model. This new model runs faster and produces more accurate pitch and lyric transcriptions. It has also been enhanced to better handle noise, allowing for transcription of recordings from devices such as built-in microphone or smartphones.

Improved Spanish Cross-Lingual Synthesis


We announce beta updates that bring improved Spanish cross-lingual synthesis to more voice databases (see table below). Additionally, a second beta version of SAROS is now available, featuring particularly improved pronunciation of the trill consonant ‘rr’ in Spanish.


Dreamtonics An Xiao, Ayame, Eri, Cheng Xiao, Cong Zheng, D-Lin, Feng Yi, Kevin, Hayden, Jin, Lin Lai, Mai, Mo Chen, Natalie, Ninezero, Sheena, Qing Su, Ritchy, Ryo AI, Saki AI, Weina, Wei Shu, Xuan Yu, Yuma, Yun Quan
Animen Eleanor Forte AI
E-Capsule Xia Yu Yao
Quadimension MEDIUM5·Stardust, MEDIUM5·Minus


How to Access the New Release


Separate beta versions will be released for both Synthesizer V Studio and the voice databases.


Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b2


1.11.0b2 is a beta version. Beta releases of Synthesizer V Studio are offered before the final release for early preview of new features. Before installing and using a beta version, please understand that:


  • The beta version is still a work in progress.
  • The beta version may not function properly as described.
  • Unexpected behaviors may happen while using the beta version.


You can access the beta versions for Synthesizer V Studio through the download page.


Voices Updates for Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b2


You can access the beta versions for these voice databases through the download page.


See below for detailed release notes.

Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b2 (Dec 18, 2023)


New Features

  • Plugin: new ARA plugins (only for Pro edition)
    • Deep ARA integration for Cubase, Studio One and Reaper (VST only)
    • Deep ARA integration for Cakewalk and ABILITY (Update from 1.11.0b1)
    • ARA Bridge for other DAWs with ARA 2 support
  • Auto-Process: added Voice-to-MIDI conversion on audio groups (only for Pro edition).
  • Synthesizer V Engine: added Spanish support.


Feature Enhancements

  • Arrangement: allow resizing a note group (including audio groups) from both ends.
  • Parameter Panel: added a delete button for unused Vocal Mode items in the menu.
  • Linguistics: updated the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation dictionary.
  • Linguistics: improved Spanish phoneme conversion (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Auto-Process: improved Voice-to-MIDI conversion: faster, more accurate and more robust against noises (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Piano Roll: improved the UI/UX for working with note groups (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: implemented a workaround to REAPER’s behavior of resetting plugin data when the plugin is first removed and then undone (Update from 1.11.0b1).


Behavior Changes

  • Plugin: show a confirmation dialog when existing data saved inside the host is going to be discarded before switching to an external project file; when the external project file is placed inside the recovery folder, always save the loaded data inside the host to prevent data loss (Update from 1.11.0b1).


Bug Fixes

  • Linguistics: fixed another case of phoneme conversion error on Japanese notes with a sole “っ” in the lyrics.
  • GUI: fixed displacement of tempo marks in the presence of time signature changes (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Arrangement: fixed crashes when dragging a note group to another track (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Plugin: fixed a bug where the plugin does not remember the window size after closing and reopening the editor in some DAWs (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Plugin: fixed timing mismatches of bounced audio on Cubase (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Plugin: fixed unstable bouncing on Logic Pro when there are other active plugins with delay compensation (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • Plugin: fixed broken MIDI recording under ARA bridge connection (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed small timing mismatches between synced and local tracks during playback (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed playhead getting stuck under loop mode on REAPER (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed crashes when selecting an output folder from the Render Panel (Update from 1.11.0b1).
  • ARA Plugin: fixed a bug where the ARA plugin outputs no sound on some Cubase installations (Update from 1.11.0b1).