Synthesizer V Studio 1.4.0 Update

Synthesizer V Studio 1.4.0 update has been released.

This update includes support for the 4th generation AI voice databases, a new version of Auto Pitch Tuning feature that allows customization, a new command for auto-splitting notes based on the melody context, improved phoneme conversion rules for American English and other feature and sound quality enhancements.

To install the update, please visit the “License and Updates” panel in Synthesizer V Studio.


See below for detailed release notes.

Synthesizer V Studio 1.4.0 (Nov 18, 2021)


New features

Auto-Process: regroup auto pitch tuning related features under “Auto-Process” menu.
Auto-Process: add support for 4th generation pitch models.
Auto-Process: add a customizable version of Auto Pitch Tuning independent of the voice database. (only for Pro edition)
Auto-Process: add “Ornament Selected Notes” command that automatically splits the notes based on the melody context. (only for Pro edition)
Voice panel: add “Use relaxed consonants” option for phoneme conversion rules that better suit American English.
Lyrics Processing: new lyrics shorthand that inserts a glottal stop symbol (“cl”) for notes starting with a single quote.



Synthesizer V Engine: render speed and sound quality improvement for the latest AI voices.
Linguistics: improve the handling of English lyrics containing single quotes (e.g. dreamin’, I’m, didn’t).


Bug fixes

Playback: muted tracks are audible during the first few hundred milliseconds of playback.
Plugin: mute/solo/gain status of instrumental tracks are ignored during mixdown.
Plugin: timing mismatch during playback in Cubase.
Other: rare crashes when opening/close a side panel.