Synthesizer V Studio 1.3.0 Update

We are excited to announce that Synthesizer V AI has evolved into its third generation. Synthesizer V Studio 1.3.0, available from June 18, brings significant naturalness improvement to AI voices together with a collection of features requested by our users.




See below for detailed release notes.

Synthesizer V Studio 1.3.0 (June 18, 2021)

New features

Synthesizer V Engine: support for third generation Synthesizer V AI voices (also requires updating the voices).

Voice panel: add “Tuning” properties for pitch shifting the entire group/track (only for Pro edition).

UI: add a bottom status bar for displaying usage tips.



Editing: add an option to paste at the playhead.

Editing: add a few modifier keys related to dragging behaviors:

Hold Ctrl/Command + Alt while dragging to temporarily disable snapping.

Hold Ctrl/Command + Shift while dragging to slow down the movement of control points.

Piano Roll: improve the display of control points while dragging.

Piano Roll: add an adaptive snapping mode to adjust the grid based on the zoom level.

Piano Roll: add a snapping mode selector to piano roll’s toolbar.

License and Updates panel: improve the layout of the product list.


Bug fixes

Editing: crashes when notes or groups are pasted before the first beat.

Editing: crashes when an entire group is moved before the first beat.