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Get instant access to cutting-edge vocal synthesis technology with Synthesizer V Studio Basic.

This trial includes a curated selection of voice databases, allowing you to explore the core features and familiarize yourself with the intuitive workflow through hands-on experience.

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With Our Free Trials

You can

  • Create songs with up to three tracks.
  • voice Use three of our trial voices, which support both singing and rapping, in full quality.
  • calendar Use Synthesizer V Studio Basic for as long as you like, without any time restrictions.

You cannot

  • hourglass Export audio longer than 45 seconds.
  • cogs Use advanced features such as: VST/AU plugins, Vocal Mode, AI Retakes, and Voice-to-MIDI conversion.
  • Distribute or publish songs created with the trial voices for commercial purposes.

Purchase Synthesizer V

Elevate your music creation by purchasing Synthesizer V Studio Pro.

Explore our extensive lineup of premium voice databases and unlock the full potential of your projects.

Lite Voice Databases

Explore additional options with free Lite voice databases provided by us and our partners.

Compared to the trial versions offered above, Lite voices are set to “Prefer Speed” rather than “Prefer Quality” mode.