The future of music production is here.
A cumulation of years of AI research, signal processing,
and an unwavering passion for music has led to Synthesizer V.

A music producer’s dream, our pioneering synthesizer faithfully replicates
the nuances of the human singing voice – without limiting your vocabulary.
With access to customizable, realistic vocals at your fingertips,
you can bring your idea to life with Synthesizer V.

Music production is evolving. Become an early adopter today.

A new dimension of music production
Life-like and responsive vocals at your fingertip
Warmth and tonality are hallmarks of the human singing voice.
Behind the scenes, Synthesizer V leverages a deep neural network-based
synthesis engine capable of generating incredibly life-like singing voices.
Plus, unlike other solutions that utilize neural networks,
our first-of-its-kind synthesizer is 100% offline yet runs at lightning-fast speeds.
Bad connection? No worries. You will never lose access to your work.
Accelerate the prototyping stage of music creation

Unlimited Vocal Expressions

Experiment with an expanding inventory of voices ready to plug-and-play with Synthesizer V Studio. Dive deeper and customize voices with dynamic vocal modes like chest, belt, and breathy.

Live Rendering

Visualize your modifications in waveforms in real-time via the Live Rendering feature, helping you minimize hearing fatigue and reduce the idea-to-sound cycle.

Cross-Lingual Synthesis

Synthesizer V AI voices are available natively in English, Japanese and Chinese. Plus, the Cross-lingual Synthesis feature breaks the language barrier, empowering any voice to sing in any of our three languages!

Clean vocals for dedicated pros
Generate clean vocal tracks to nail any demo
All you need is to Import a MIDI file into Synthesizer V Studio and enter the lyrics.
Having an Eureka moment for your next hit?
Just plug in a MIDI keyboard and enter the melody in realtime.
Synthesizer V Studio Pro also integrates into your workflow
through VST3 and AudioUnit interface.
Using AI the Ethical Way
Keeping true to your creativity
All our voice databases are officially licensed, each one sung by a professional musician.
Simply type in your lyrics, enter your notes, and let our synth sing.
This is perfect for when you don’t have an IRL singer, are drafting ideas,
or just prefer the style of virtual singing.
Ready to reimagine your workflow?
Here's how.

To get started, you need Synthesizer V Studio and at least one voice database.
Voices are produced by us and our talented partners.

Meet our voices

Synthesizer V Studio Series
Feature Comparison

Operating System: Windows / macOS / Linux

Runs natively on Apple Silicon

Basic Edition
  • Project :
    Up to 3 tracks
  • AI Pitch Generation :
    Default configuration only
  • Rendering :
    Up to 2 cores utilization
Pro Edition
Downloadable upon purchase
  • Project:
    Unlimited tracks
  • AI Pitch Generation:
  • Rendering:
    No core limits
  • Integration:
    VST3/AU plugin
    ASIO support (Windows)
    Jack support (Linux)
  • Cross-Lingual Synthesis
  • AI Retakes
  • Isolated Aspiration Output
  • Vocal Modes
  • Tone Shift parameter
  • Microtonal Adjustment
  • MIDI keyboard support and Metronome
  • Lua/Javascript Scripting